Photo by The Boho House.

ABout Cheryl and Alan

About Cheryl and Alan.

Cheryl and Alan met through video dating (Great Expectations).  Our first date was January 17, 1989  A.lan proposed on May 5, 1989 and we were married on July 2, 1989.  We have been sending letters to family and friends every Christmas and have found that that provides a good history of our time together.  You can view our letters for the years since 1989 (when we were married) to the present  here.

Over the years, Cheryl and Alan have taken many great trips together.  You can see a sampling of photos here.

We have always been dedicated to exercise and fitness, doing great for people our age.  Alan has had both hips replaced and Cheryl has had both knees replaced, but we kept on going.  After 36 1/2 years of running (including 21 marathons), Alan transitioned to bicycling in 2013.  Cheryl has done some running (she ran the LA marathon in 2001) but is exclusively a (fast) walker these days. Both of us go to the gym regularly.

We are long time members of Riviera United Methodist Church.  We like that Riviera is an inclusive community welcome to all people.  From Riviera's mission statement: We welcome, affirm and cherish ALL people regardless of age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or political persuasion.  

Our faith has always sustained us and we continue on our spiritual journeys.