Should we just say annual post?

I'm giving up on promising to write more often.  If any of you want me to start tweeting, let me know.  I'm content with updating my news once a year, I guess.  Time really does fly.  Every day is an adventure and a gift.  There is still a lot of singing in my life, just no full length solo recitals.  What has changed for me is that I am returning to my keyboard roots, spending time every day (or almost every day, let's be honest), playing the piano and harpsichord.  The piano is a Steinway grand that my parents bought me when I was 14 and the harpsichord is one my grandfather made for me.  I'm learning new pieces and occasionally revisiting old ones.  It's fun!  Also fun is working with the voice students who study with me.  It's great to be able to practice my art and pass along my knowledge!  Anyway, thanks for reading my blog.  I'll let you know when it's time to follow me on Twitter.  

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