A new chapter

As of this month, I am officially calling myself retired.  What does retired mean to a musician and music educator?  For me, it means that I still sing, play the piano and my harpsichord, but mostly for my own pleasure.  I am active in the music program at my church, Riviera United Methodist in Redondo Beach, CA, which includes solos, duets, the choir, and sometimes even subbing on the organ (but no feet!).  I am open to giving vocal lessons on a very short term basis, if someone needs a quick fix to prepare to a recital or an audition.  But, for regular lessons, I am passing the baton.  After all, that's what education is about, using the knowledge that was given to us, then passing it on to others.  Music has always been my life and I will continue using my gifts as long as I am able. I will always be grateful for the wonderful students, colleagues, and collaborators who have been a part of my musical life.  Life is a beautiful journey, full of blessing, love, and grace!

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