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December, 2016

Dear Friends,


Cheryl and Alan continued to enjoy our artificial joints (hips for Alan, knees for Cheryl) in 2016.  That meant more trips and adventures.

In April, we did a Tauck tour of the southeast U.S. - Jekyll Island and Savannah, Georgia, followed by Charleston, South Carolina.  Yes, it was a tour, but we learned more and saw more than if we had done it on our own.  

In late May, we drove to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Alan had signed up to do the half Century (50 mile) ride of the various bicycle events (they had 20 miles, 50 miles, and 100 miles).  He thought it would be easy based on tremendous training rides in LA.  Unfortunately, Santa Fe is at 7000 feet altitude, whereas LA is basically sea level.  So the ride was tougher than he thought.  Still, he finished with a smile.  And we had time for sight seeing over a few other days that we were there.  Lesson learned though is that we are not good at 8+ hour driving days, so we will give ourselves more time for any future driving trips.

In late September and early October, we started with a few days in New York City (we’d never been) followed by a fall cruise from New York through New England and Canada.  We had a great time in New York, and saw lots on the cruise but we were a few days early for the best of the fall colors.  Next lesson, the ship was nice, but 10 days on a cruise ship is about the most we can tolerate.   Still a good trip.

At the end of October, we did 5 or 6 day trip to the California Central Coast.  We started in Avila Beach (beautiful!).  Alan had signed up for another bicycle event.  Of the choices of 25, 61, or 100 miles, Alan had learned his lesson and did the 25 miler.  This time it was very easy.  There was some rain, but no big deal, and Alan could have done much more distance if he needed to.   A very nice get away. 

For those who want to look, we have placed photo samplers of our trips online in our flickr albums “2016 Santa Fe Best”, “2016 Southern tour sampler”, “2016 Fall cruise sampler”, and “2016 CA central coast sampler”.  (Flickr photos link 

In 2016, we started to use transportation alternatives to our personal cars.  We’ve been taking public rail and bus lines to downtown cultural events (plays, concerts).  It’s very convenient, cheap (senior rates), no fighting freeway traffic, and no paying $9 or more for parking.  Also we’ve been using Uber a bit, particularly to and from the airport.  We can still drive, but are seeking to eliminate stressful driving as much as possible.  Cheryl’s eyesight precludes her from driving much and Alan, while he can do all the driving, welcomes some alternatives to give him a break.  Next time we go to Europe, we may not be driving a rental car all over - we’ll see how our trips change.

As you see, Alan is riding a bicycle like a maniac - 4392 miles for 2016!.  Cheryl still walks a lot including 5.5 mile walks at least twice a week.  And you’ll see both of us at the gym a lot.  We are trying not to act our ages - 66 and 67.

Riviera United Methodist Church sustains us.  Alan will continue as lay leader in 2017.  Cheryl continues with the visitation ministry and many other activities.  For the 4th year in a row, Alan was Santa Claus for the Riviera United Methodist pre-school - HO HO HO. 

Our best wishes to you in 2017.


Cheryl and Alan