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December, 2015

Dear Friends,

No orthopedic surgeries in 2015!  Yay!  Since Alan now has 2 artificial hips (2013 and 2014) and Cheryl has had 2 knees done (total replace in 2013, arthroscopy in 2014), we had the joints pretty much covered, so 2015 was wide open to enjoy the benefits of these artificial body parts.

So, we were able to do a couple of trips in 2015. .

Starting late April, we spent 4 days in Edinburgh, Scotland followed by 22 days in May in the Yorkshire Dales, England.  The Yorkshire Dales is one of Cheryl’s favorite places in the world and was beautiful.  Cheryl reveled in being there and Alan drove like a native on major highways that were often one lane  (you have to know what to do when meeting a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction) along with even smaller roads.

In mid September, we spent 4 days at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, in a cabin with partial rim view.  It was beautiful and relaxing.  The canyon changed colors constantly as the light changed. 

For those who want to look, there are photos of our trips online in our flickr albums “2015 Yorkshire” and “2015 Grand Canyon”.  (Flickr photos link 

We are in our mid 60s, both on Medicare, and are doing great.  Alan rides his bicycle like a maniac.  Cheryl walks like a maniac.  We both workout at the gym like maniacs.  Life is good and we are grateful.


At Riviera United Methodist Church, Alan became Lay Leader in 2015.  That means he makes the announcements on most Sundays.  And he runs the church council (governing body) meetings.  And, once a year, gives the sermon on Laity Sunday (this occurred on October 18, 2015).  Cheryl’s calling has been the visitation ministry.  She leads a team that visits mostly older people that find it difficult to get to church, and coordinates serving communion to those on the visitation list who want it.

Alan has now been retired for 5 years!  Unbelievable!  Cheryl is essentially retired.  She will occasionally take on a private voice student for a limited duration.  

Cheryl reached full retirement age and is now getting social security payments.  Alan is deferring his social security benefits in order to get a larger benefit when he does claim them.

Just this month (December), Alan was back by popular demand to play Santa for the Riviera United Methodist pre-school. - 3rd year in a row.  So much fun.  The best gig a guy can get. HO HO HO.





Cheryl and Alan