2006 Christmas Letter

Dear Friends,

The Zabels have the usual to report for 2006 – great trips, work, music, fitness, and church.

The trips were great.  Cheryl and her friend Marjorie went to Kenya for a 6 day safari in February (Alan was saving his vacation days for the next trips – read on!).  Cheryl and Alan spent nearly 3 weeks in the Scottish Highlands in May, about 2 weeks in a rented cottage near Ullapool in northwest Scotland (about 60 miles northwest of Inverness), and a few days on the Isle of Skye.  And if that weren’t enough, we spent one week at a cabin near Shaver Lake, California (central Sierras) the first week of October.  There are a couple of photos at the top of this letter, and, for the insatiably curious, our website has links to photo albums from each of these trips.

When not on trips, Alan fills his time working at Northrop Grumman, 28 years now.  He still works as a software architect (when you know what that is, please tell him).  Along the way, he became a leader in “Risk Management”, runs a risk management board, and helped develop a process to comprehensively identify risks.  And he sometimes contributes to preparing for process audits by outside certifying organizations.  He will have to retire before he can write any computer code again!

Cheryl’s new CD, “All the Things You Are”, came out in 2006.  It is a live recording of a May 5, 2005 performance (she sang and accompanied herself on piano) at the Nakano Theatre in Torrance, California.  It consists of selections from “The Great American Songbook” – e.g. Cole Porter, George Gershwin, Harold Arlen, and others.  This CD, and her previous CD, In the Mornin, are available on both Amazon.com and CDbaby.com, or by direct request to Cheryl.  You can listen to samples on her website.

We remain faithful in nearly daily running, walking, or going to the gym.  Regular readers of this letter are well aware of our fanaticism in that respect.

At Riviera United Methodist Church, Alan is in charge of the Sunday morning adult Bible study, and has just started to serve on the finance committee.  Cheryl contributes greatly to the music program, as usual, and was recently elected assistant lay leader for 2007.

We remain very grateful for our many blessings.  At Christmas, we send our very best wishes to all of our family and friends.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!





Cheryl and Alan