2003 Christmas Letter

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Alan and Cheryl!

Alan celebrated 25 years working for Northrop Grumman (about 24 years with TRW and one more year since TRW merged with Northrop Grumman).  He is a senior software architect, enjoys his job, and does important things.

Cheryl continues private voice teaching and performing, both with the vocal ensemble Zephyr, which she founded in 1992, and solo work.  She resigned from Zephyr after 11 years, but still sings some concerts with them.   Her solo CD from 2001 is still available on Amazon.com (search Classical Music, artist Cheryl Anne Roach, album In the Mornin’), as well as through her website.  There is more about Cheryl’s performing on cherylanneroach.com.

We attended Alan’s 30 year college reunion at MIT in June.  Some things were the same, but many things had changed on campus.  For example, in those 30 years, a new building was built, and then torn down to make way for yet another building! (Now, that makes one feel old!).

Our main vacation was a 2 week Danube River cruise in October.  We started in Prague (Czech Republic), then boarded the boat in Passau, Germany.  We visited Vienna (Austria), Budapest (Hungary), Bratislava (Slovak Republic),  Weissenkirchen (Austria), and finished in Munich, Germany (a bus ride from the cruise end in Passau). Some photos are posted on our web site.

We are looking forward to a week in Santa Fe, New Mexico at Christmas.  We were top bidder for this week in a very nice condo near the  main square at last summer’s Torrance Cultural Arts Foundation annual benefit and auction.

Riviera United Methodist Church has continued to be a blessing and a family for us.  We both sing in the choir.   Cheryl is chairman of the Worship Committee and is participating in a “Companions in Christ” fellowship/study group.   Alan will serve on the Administrative Board next year (Cheryl is already on that board as a committee chairperson).

We both exercise nearly daily.   Alan (iron joints) still runs 30 miles per week.  Cheryl enjoys walking more than running.  Both of us work out regularly (weights, etc.) at our health club. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  We wish you blessings, health and happiness in this Christmas season and throughout the coming year.









Alan and Cheryl