2002 Christmas Letter

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Alan and Cheryl!

During 2002, we got DSL internet access and new email addresses.   We also have a family website that includes photos and previous Christmas letters.  Cheryl also has a professional website for her performing and teaching.

Family web site: alum.mit.edu/www/alanzabel  

Alan’s email: alanzabel@alum.mit.edu.

Cheryl’s professional web site:  www.cherylanneroach.com  

Cheryl’s email:  cheryl@cherylanneroach.com

Alan now works as a senior software architect for Northrop-Grumman.  No, he didn’t change jobs.  TRW merged into Northrop-Grumman effective December 11, 2002.  The name has changed, but everything else is the same.

Cheryl continues private voice teaching and performing, both with the vocal ensemble Zephyr, which she founded in 1992, and solo work.  She released her solo CD last year, which is available on Amazon.com (search Classical Music, artist Cheryl Anne Roach, album In the Mornin’), as well as through her website.  There is more about Cheryl’s performing on cherylanneroach.com.

We had a wonderful vacation in May/June – a 3 week trip to Ireland.  We had such a terrific time in a beautiful country!   Some sample photos are posted on our family website (see above).  We spent most of our time in western Ireland, a week in a rented cottage in County Galway, and a week in a rented cottage in County Kerry.  A highlight was a very choppy boat trip (it would have been a Disneyland E ticket) to the Skellig Islands, where some early Christian monks retreated as early as the 6th century.  We climbed 1000 year old stone steps, gaining about 800 feet to the top of the island to see the still standing stone huts where the monks lived and preserved manuscripts in the  face of harsh  conditions and Viking raiders.  Finally, we had  a few days on the  road in manor hotels, culminating with a 2 day  stay in Dublin.

We also had the opportunity to lie in the sun in Mazatlan, Mexico during Thanksgiving week (sample photos also on our web site).

Riviera United Methodist Church has continued to be a blessing for us.  We both sing in the choir.   Cheryl is chairman of the Worship Committee.   We are co-leaders of a Disciple IV Bible Study group (studying the Old Testament Writings, the Gospel of John, and the Book of Revelation).  Last year we led the Disciple III group (studying the Old Testament Prophets and the New Testament Letters of Paul).  We have so many wonderful and supportive friends there, that it is really more like a family.

We both run and exercise nearly daily and do pretty good for a couple of people over 50.   

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  We wish you blessings, health and happiness in this Christmas season and throughout the coming year.







Alan and Cheryl