1998 Christmas Letter

Dear first_name,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

We are sending this early this year because we are leaving for England on December 15!  We will be there until January 6, 1999.  We look forward to a great Christmas!

Alan’s frantic business travel finally let up a bit by the end of summer.  But he did make several trips to southern Maryland to help with the flight test of a plane for which TRW wrote the software.  The plane has now been deployed to Spain and the system is working well.  Alan is now doing two jobs for TRW.  He is lead engineer on a small classified job and project manager of a small project which is the follow on to the airplane project that was flight tested in Maryland and Spain.  TRW still keeps him interested after 20 years.

One of Alan’s trips to Maryland was a bit too exciting.  At the end of May, he stumbled and fell in the lab, hitting his head on a steel Mosler safe. There was blood and a lot of stitches in the emergency room.  A later trip was just after the 4th of July.  Alan and Cheryl had spent the 4th in Washington, D.C. (fireworks on the National Mall - terrific!) and then drove to southern Maryland.  On the second day, Cheryl tripped while running on a path and broke her hand.  But she didn’t know that until she got back to California and went to the Doctor when it didn’t seem to be getting better.  She had to have surgery to get her hand repaired.  So it is good that we have no further trips scheduled to that area.

Cheryl continues her teaching at Loyola Marymount University and continues singing with the 12 voice conductorless ensemble, Zephyr, that she founded in 1992.  Zephyr’s CD, “Choir of Angels II: Mission Music” will be featured on the History Channel on December 14 in an ongoing program entitled “In Search of History.”  Their second CD (a “Wine” theme) will be released in the spring.

We changed churches in 1998.  We left Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church (it was just too far to go to get there) and have found a wonderful church home in Riviera United Methodist Church in Redondo Beach.  Cheryl is singing in the choir (this time as a volunteer, not a paid soloist) and get this, Alan is also singing in the choir!  Alan is grateful for both God’s help and a live-in voice teacher - he is doing very well for never having done such a thing before.

Cheryl and Alan have both continued running and exercising in 1998.  Alan recently ran a half marathon (the marathons he used to run seem too long now days) and was happy he could run that far so easily.  Cheryl has actually won some awards in some 10Ks.  She was first overall female faculty/staff finisher (and first in her age group) at a 10K at Loyola and also was 3rd in her age group at the 10K companion race to Alan’s half marathon.

We did have just one week of vacation in 1998 - we drove up to June Lake (near Mammoth in the eastern Sierra) and had a wonderful time in the mountains.  We didn’t plan anything else since Alan kept thinking he might go to Spain for his TRW work, but that didn’t work out.  Therefore, we decided on our soon-to-happen trip to England.




Alan and Cheryl