1997 Christmas Letter


Dear first_name,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

1997 was another busy year for both of us.

Cheryl's vocal group, Zephyr, had a year of greatly improving prospects.  Zephyr is a 12 voice conductorless ensemble founded by Cheryl in 1992.  In 1997, Zephyr toured the Midwest in February with the group Anonymous 4.  They played to favorable reviews in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana.  This fall, Zephyr put out their first CD, "A Choir of Angels II: Mission Music".  This is the first of 3 CDs they will release and features California Mission music.  It is available in retail outlets, including Border's and Tower Records.  This "Mission" CD and their accompanying concert attracted the attention of the Los Angeles Times.  The Times published an article about the group and the Mission music in their Sunday Calendar section and reviewed, very favorably, one of their concerts.  Zephyr also had a guest appearance on the KTLA channel 5 television morning  news program.

Alan has had a busy year with TRW as usual, but this year with even more travel.  From January to April, he spent two or three days every week in Sunnyvale, CA (Silicon Valley) working on the continuation of the BRITE project.  In 1995 and 1996, Alan held the top technical job in LA on this project, developing signal processing software to run onboard a military airplane.  The 1997 work was in Sunnyvale, since the prime contractor was TRW in Sunnyvale.  At the same time, Alan was the top technical person in LA on the Guardrail project, another military airborne signal processing project.  From September on, he has spent two days a week in Sacramento (where the TRW office running the Guardrail program is).  Another highlight was a one week trip to southern Maryland in December to prepare for the first flight test of the BRITE plane.  It was a resounding success, in part due to his efforts.  It was thrilling to be part of the culmination of years of work (Alan actually got to work onboard the airplane, while it was parked on the runway).  He may get to go to Spain in May or June for the final testing of the plane.  Currently, in addition to working in Sacramento, Alan is also in charge of a 5 person effort on another project in LA.  That is technically rewarding because it involves reuse of object oriented code.

Cheryl and Alan did lose the few pounds we wanted to lose at the end of last year - over 90 pounds between us!  We cleaned up our act.  We make time for and enjoy our workouts, eat healthy, and hopefully are preparing ourselves for a healthy middle age and beyond.

We also spent almost 2 weeks on Maui last summer.  It was heavenly.

Our best wishes to you in the new year.






Alan and Cheryl