1995 Christmas Letter


Dear first_name,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Another year has gone by.  A lot has happened, but it seemed to go so fast.  

Cheryl has continued working on her DMA (doctor of musical arts) in voice at USC.  She gave her third of four required recitals on October 6.  There was an audience of 120 (huge for a USC recital) and she received a standing ovation.  She completed her written qualifying exams on November 3 and November 17 and her Oral qualifying exam on December 8.  All that remains is the final recital scheduled for March 22, 1996.  She will graduate in the spring of 1996.  We are going to Italy in the summer of 1996 to celebrate!

Alan worked on a successful proposal for a new project at TRW (Project BRITE) and now has a very responsible job on the project.  There are some parts of this project that are actually unclassified - an interesting change.  He is Assistant Project Manager for Systems Engineering Integration and Test, one of two direct reports to the project manager.  His is the top technical job on the project.  The pace has been pretty fast, but its been a great challenge and a lot of fun.  The job is about 60% technical, but he also has a staff and has to do management stuff the rest of the time.  The "customer" is another TRW division in Northern California (Sunnyvale, near San Jose) - their customer is the government.  So Alan flies to San Jose and back for the day as often as once a week.  A lot of travel, but much easier than going to the east coast!

We spent the first two weeks of August in Canada on vacation.  We flew to Vancouver, stayed there for a few days, and drove our rental car to Lake Louise and Banff.  We flew home from Calgary.  A great vacation with some of the greatest scenery ever!  We had some nice hikes, walked on a glacier north of Lake Louise (and were snowed on in August), and saw lots of Elk wandering around Banff.  This was also the first time we took the video camera on vacation and the results were great - Rocky Mountain vistas that just can't be captured by still photos turned out much better on video.

We have both remained active in our church, Beverly Hills Presbyterian.  Cheryl continues as the alto soloist.  In 1995, Alan served as an elder and co-chairman of the stewardship committee.   Cheryl served as co-chair of the Board of Deacons. Cheryl's deacon term expires, so she will not have that responsibility in 1996 (she'll do lots of other stuff).  Alan has two years remaining on his term as an elder.

We both still exercise regularly.  Alan rides a bicycle to work (4 miles each way) on many days.  At least that gets in some exercise for those days that he can't get out at noon to run or go to the health club.  Now if he could just convert his boss into a runner so that meetings don't run over!  Cheryl mixes in workouts of walking, exercycle, and health club.  

We continue on the information superhighway.  Any of the technologically hip can send us electronic mail at azabel@aol.com.

We hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and wish you only the best in 1995.



Alan and Cheryl