1993 Christmas Letter


Dear Friends,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

This year we got the travel schedule right!  Alan had a business trip to Scotland in May and it worked out that Cheryl could go too, once school was out.  Alan left for Scotland on May 5 and Cheryl left about one week later.  When Cheryl arrived in London, she spent a day and a half with her "German sister" Sibylle -- Cheryl was an AFS high school exchange student in Germany for the 66-67 school year.   Her German "sister" Sibylle is now married to an Englishman.  Sibylle and Cheryl hadn't seen each other for over 20 years!  Anyway, Cheryl then flew up to Aberdeen to meet Alan.  Alan had one more week of work and then the two of us were off on a 3 week driving vacation in Scotland and England!  We had a great time.  Once we stayed for 3 nights in a huge 4 story castle in Scotland that we had all to ourselves.  We explored the Lake District, the Dales, Oxford, Bath, Stonehenge and more.  

Alan kept up his frequent flyer miles with several other trips in 1993 -- to Denver in January, and to Washington D.C. in February, March, April, and December.

Cheryl continued her Doctor of Musical Arts program at USC.  This year she did her "residency" -- a required 2 consecutive semesters of taking a full load.  She did that in summer (July, August) and fall.  Of course, in the fall she also had to continue her teaching schedule at Loyola Marymount University.  She was very busy.  But now she can continue USC with a part time schedule, which will be a little easier to handle.  She hopes to graduate with her degree in the spring of 1996.

For 1994, Alan was elected co-moderator of the board of Deacons at the Church (Beverly Hills Presbyterian).  Alan also served on the stewardship committee this year.  Cheryl continues to serve as a deacon and as the alto soloist in the choir.

Cheryl's vocal ensemble, Zephyr: Fresh Voices from the West, is now into their second season.  Cheryl is the founding mother of this 12 voice conductorless ensemble.  They are working on building an audience and Zephyr has become a satisfying artistic outlet.

Alan continues to be challenged by TRW.  TRW had an outstanding year in the face of declining defense budgets.  The year was good enough that Alan even got some bonuses.  The future remains less certain than one would like, but the job is still fun and rewarding.  Alan even took a "C" programming course at TRW this fall and has already written several programs at home on our MacIntosh.

Cheryl and Alan both continue their exercise programs, Alan running, bicycling, and weight training, and Cheryl walking and working out at the health club.  Consistency has been harder to achieve this year, though, especially when our schedules got particularly busy.

Our best wishes to you for this holiday season and for the new year.  May God richly bless you.