1991 Christmas Letter


December, 1991



Dear Friends,


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  

The years keep passing at a dizzying pace and still manage to have lots of stuff crammed into them.  For Cheryl and Alan, 1991 was an eventful year.

We had a wonderful vacation in July.  We went to the Pacific Northwest.  First, we visited Alan's father and stepmother in Oregon.  On the Olympic peninsula of Washington State, we visited with Alan's Aunt and Uncle and with Alan's grandmother.  Next, we took a ferry to Victoria, B. C. and had three wonderful  days.  Finally, we spent 10 delightful days on beautiful Orcas Island (part of the San Juan Islands, Washington State, between the mainland and Vancouver Island, B. C.).  

Upon our return, we undertook a major remodel of our townhouse.  We have a completely new kitchen, from floor to ceiling.  Along the way, we got new light fixtures, new paint, and new carpet.  We finally feel that our home is pretty much the way we want it (except for the bathrooms, Cheryl says!).  And we are in the process of refinancing (interest rates are just too low to pass up).  All this means that we've decided to stay in the Los Angeles area for the forseeable future.

Alan still enjoys working at TRW as a systems engineer/mathematician/software designer and  still  commutes the 4 miles to work by bicycle most days.  It is however, a stressful time at TRW in particular, and in the aerospace and defense industries in general.  There have been many layoffs and there will be more to come.  TRW is also relocating portions of its business outside of Los Angeles.  Alan is in better shape than most people, having a job that should extend for antoher full year, but after that there are no guarantees.  Alan is probably OK but is prepared to consider alternatives.  However, next year should offer some pretty exciting job related travel.  

Cheryl is still teaching voice at Loyola Marymount University, performing with the Los Angeles Master Chorale, and is still the alto soloist at Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church.  But the most exciting news is that she is preparing to go to USC to pursue her Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) in voice.  This has always been an ambition for her, as her other degrees are in piano, which she now has the chance to pursue.  It will also qualify her for full time, as opposed to part time, teaching positions.

In 1992, Alan looks forward to some more job related travel -- Washington D. C. trips in the spring and summer, and more exotic locales starting in November.

Besides her usual schedule in 1992, Cheryl is doing two solo recitals early in the year.  She will be performing at Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church on January 7 and at Loyola Marymount University on February 22.  All are invited.

We wish you a very happy holiday season and the best in 1992.





Cheryl and Alan